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Every day I treat patients with Dry Eye Disease. I do my best to inform them of what the condition is and how to treat it. I am always limited by time and by the speed that anyone can take onboard information

I was urged by my patients to develop some teaching. From this I have written and recorded the Essential Dry Eye Course.


There is no slick editing and presentation. I have put this all together by myself while living a busy family life with 3 young children and working a 40 hour week in hospital as an Ophthalmologist. 

A labour of Love! 

I am a very experienced teacher on Dry Eye Disease and have been on the main stage in International conferences for Optometrists, I have spoken at major international conferences for Ophthalmologists. I have run a 2 day training programme for the leading corneal consultants just teaching on Dry Eye Disease. 

I was the key teacher on the 2020 DOCET Online training run by the College of Optometrists.  I have authored or co-authored Dry Eye Training run by international pharmaceutical companies such as Alcon and Johnson & Johnson. 

My focus with the Essential Dry Eye Course however is those of us living everyday with Dry Eye Disease. 

I developed Dry Eye Disease in 2006 and have been a student of the condition ever since. 

I was a co-author of one of the most important research papers on Dry Eye Disease: The Tear Film and Ocular Surface Societies DEWS II Report.

Don't Know where to start?

Explore some our best educational content... My recommendation on where to start, well that depends on whether you suffer from Dry Eye Disease or whether you treat Dry Eye Disease. 

My dream for Eye Care Specialists...

I have set up dry eye clinics and have taught the leading corneal specialists including teaching at Moorfields Hospital. I have come to the conclusion that the vast majority of dry eye disease cases should NOT be dealt with in hospitals. Only the moderate to severe cases of dry eye disease should be dealt in a specialist dry eye clinic. 

My dream is to empower ALL eye care specialists, wherever they are in their busy clinics, to have a simple pragmatic approach to diagnosing and treating mild and moderate dry eye disease. This may be the patient's GP, Pharmacist, Optician, Dispensing Optometrist, Nurses or general Ophthalmologist and all pharmaceutical representatives. 

However I consider myself to be a Professional Patient - I suffer from Dry Eye Disease and I work as an Ophthalmologist. I have one foot firmly in each camp. Therefore I have a unique perspective as a patient too...

My Dream for Dry Eye Champions (People living with Dry Eye Disease)...

I truly believe that we all need to take control of our own disease. I have seen it first hand where I have been able to walk a long journey with someone else who has Dry Eye Disease. The better informed they are the easier it is, during the hard days to persevere with treatment. 

I believe that concise, practical advice as well as user-friendly treatment tools allow us to manage our disease. This enhances the advice and support that we need from our Eye Care Specialists. 

I believe in community. This is why we have a membership site. 

Advice for Eye Care Specialists is more complex and can be confusing and is regulated - this is why they must join as free members to access the teaching and tools that I have for them. We also have a paid membership with loads of content.

Advice for Dry Eye Champions is written in Plain English and is as practical as possible. I want you to get useful information that you can implement immediately. But that this information is solid and based on scientific evidence wherever possible. We have free and paid membership for our Dry Eye Champions.

What does membership give you?

Essential Dry Eye Course

This is inspired and designed for Dry Eye Champions just starting their journey.


Every 2 months we have separate webinars for Eye Care Specialists and for Champions.

Which? type studies

We get you involved in reviewing Dry Eye Disease products. Members get exclusive access to the results

There is a lot more than just this...

  • Question and Answer sessions. 
    Live sessions where I (Dr Colin Parsloe) answer YOUR questions.
  • Community Support. For people living with Dry Eye Disease we have started a Facebook group called 'MyDryEye the Champions'. For Eye Care Specialists we have a LinkedIn Group called 'Dry Eye Disease - Key opinion leaders'.
  • Access to previous Webinars - Recorded webinars are for Full members to review at their leisure.

Obtain core knowledge

The videos for this course are really very good. Perfect for the lay person to obtain core knowledge of their Dry Eye Disease.

Sajjad Ahmad Cornea, External Consultant Ophthalmologist with special interest in Eye Diseases, Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

Splendid Training

I would like to say how splendid the videos are, so much work has gone into them, they are fabulous and will be a great help to people.

Welcome and please enjoy all we are offering,

Access our Free content either as a Dry Eye Champion or as an Eye Care Specialist.

What some are saying about our teaching style...


Emma Langley Optometrist

I was inspired by your passion and enthusiasm for dry eye care when I carried out the Docet CET modules.

Dry eye in some form is by far the leading symptom patients complain of day to day in practice and being able to spend that extra bit of time and care in educating and treating this condition makes such an impact to their lives.

So thanks for an engaging CET content.

100% Optical 100% Optical

Good presentation, particularly on identifying the different types of Blepharitis and how that affects treatments.

Some of the Organisations we work with

Colin Parsloe

Creator of MyDryEye

About Dr Colin Parsloe

I'm passionate about Dry Eye Disease. I have an insight to the busy multifaceted life of an Eye Care Specialist while personally knowing the physical and emotional journey of a Dry Eye Disease sufferer.

I am driven by my dream to Empower both Champions and Eye Care Specialists to become Empowered to best manage Dry Eye Disease through pragmatic teaching and in helping to develop practical tools for diagnosis and management of Dry Eye Disease in the real world. 

Please do join our membership and lets take this journey together...

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