In A Nutshell... is a teaching platform built to Empower YOU learn how to best manage Dry Eye Disease.

A family run site founded by Dr Colin Parsloe - a Professional Patient

  • You will notice that there is great content here, whether you are a person suffering from Dry Eye Disease or whether you are an Eye Care Specialist and help treat people with Dry Eye Disease.
  • As someone who works as an Ophthalmologist and who lives with Dry Eye Disease, I first developed this site to teach other Eye Care Specialists - Demand from my wonderful patients has been so strong that I have developed a ton content for them to learn from. 
  • My passion to improve the management of Dry Eye Disease drives my work on this site. I still work a 40 hour week at the hospital - travel extensively to do presentations and teaching. I have a wonderful wife and three amazing kids and we all adore the outdoor life. 

Who's Colin? (The Short Version)

My name is Colin Parsloe. I work as a very busy general ophthalmologist. I developed dry eye disease during my final years of training in 2006.

I spent 3 months unpaid leave trying to research this condition. There was no clear single definition for dry eye disease, multiple classification systems existed and key words were used interchangeably. After 3 months I conceded defeat.

A few months later the first Tear Film and Ocular Surface Dry Eye Workshop report (TFOS DEWS) was published - A game changer in the understanding of Dry Eye Disease - and I was hooked. 

I have dedicated much of the following years researching and developing useful diagnostic and treatment algorithms for dry eye disease. I have worked, advising and developing new therapies with the leading international pharmaceutical and MedTec companies involved in dry eye disease.

I have worked with Alcon / Novartis, Allergen, Thea, Santen, Scope Ophthalmic, The Body Doctor, Johnson and Johnson and numerous others in less formal roles.

My Foundational Beliefs

  • I believe managing dry eye disease need not take a disproportionate amount of time.
  • I believe that you CAN NOT learn all about Dry Eye Disease in a one hour presentation .
  • Most cases of mild to moderate Dry Eye Disease can and should be diagnosed by Eye Care Specialists outside the hospital setting. 
  • Most cases can be dealt with effectively at home with reasonable support from an Eye Care Specialists.  
  • There is NO WAY that during a consultation, we can provide all the key points about Dry Eye Disease to people suffering from this condition.
  • There is a complex web of misinformation that makes it very hard for all of us with the disease to know what is true and what is the best option
  • Despite Dry Eye Disease being a condition caused by other underlying conditions in a seemingly complex tangle - there is actually a clear and logical way of thinking about this disease.
  • You need to treat the separate underlying diseases in order to treat Dry Eye Disease - there are clear signs to help  point to the best treatment approach.
  • Effective tools already exist that enable us all to offer a great dry eye service without it taking up excessive time or needing expensive equipment
  • With a small amount of effort we can ALL learn the basic steps to Provide a good level of Dry Eye Disease care

For the last 4 years I have been very active in my passion of teaching fellow eye care colleagues about the diagnosis and management of this, the most common disease in ophthalmology. I have lectured at multiple conferences nationally and internationally, having been keynote speaker at optometric conferences as well as being an invited speaker for the international Royal College of Ophthalmologists meeting in Liverpool in May 2018.

I have authored or co-authored and delivered 2 full day and 1 full day training on dry eye disease for some of the leading international pharmaceutical companies. I have trained business development managers for multiple international pharmaceutical companies. 

I had the distinct privilege of being a contributing author of the TFOS DEWS II report. Together with around 150 of my heroes in the dry eye world, we spent the best part of 3 years reviewing the latest research and compiling a comprehensive 400 page article recently published in a highly respected medical journal. 

Through I bring all those years of experience and learning together and offer it to you. 

Why I do What I do?

I see too many patients who have not been diagnosed correctly or have been given poor advice. 

I have seen the effects of poor treatment (either poor advice or poor performance of the treatment) and the long-term physical damage that results in permanent changes too the eyelids and the effects if long-term emotional strain on too many people

I have spent countless hours thinking about this condition. Hours chatting to fellow Dry Eye Enthusiasts, world leading researchers and patients. I recall a long sunny afternoon in Paris after a conference sitting at the base of a statue pondering - then having a eureka moment where I had clarity over the way to finally understand how various key elements of dry eye disease all fit together.

I want to share this because if you understand the key components then it is easier to fit the pieces of the jigsaw together. All of us can get to grips with this but it does take a little effort and time.

I am always asked to do a 'one hour talk on Dry Eye Disease'. This is just not enough time to cover the topic. Alternatively I do presentations for one hour on a small component of Dry Eye Disease. The delegates get numerous fragmented pieces of information (pieces of the jigsaw) but they can not connect the pieces to form the whole picture. 

They then go off and implement the advice. However without the whole picture and with the best intentions in mind, they can understandably provide good advice to the wrong person. The result is that both the Eye Care Specialist and the person with the disease become disappointed with the results. Eventually one or both give up thinking it it too complex or treatment just does not work. 

I want to be the go-to source of solid evidence based advice that gives the whole picture on Dry Eye Disease.

This is the reason I have put together the Essential Dry Eye Course

This is a predominantly video based, 2 hour long online course. It is designed to give people suffering with Dry Eye Disease the key (Essential) information to have a good overview of what Dry Eye Disease is.

It does not cover diagnosis - this will be in a future Dry Eye Course for Eye Care Specialists.

My promise to you!

I will not talk down to you - I am not a professor or even a Corneal Specialist

I will not waste your time - I will get you from where you are right now to a place of greater understanding in the least amount of time - without waffling or time wasting. However I want to do this as safely as possible to ensure that we do not miss to much of the crucial building blocks needed.

I will not be available all the time - I will not be on the Facebook group (MyDryEye - the Champions) or the LinkedIn Group - (Dry Eye Disease Key opinion leaders) very regularly. I only have so many hours in a day. However when I am on there, you will get a considered response from me. 

"I truly believe that we can make a significant improvement in the diagnosis and management of Dry Eye disease with a little learning and effort. WITHOUT the need of more equipment or for a consultation with an eye care specialist to take significantly longer".

I will provide more in-depth teaching in a practical pragmatic way over our webinars and online Q&A sessions. 

Sajjad Ahmad Cornea, External Consultant Ophthalmologist with special interest in Eye Diseases, Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

Obtain core knowledge


The videos for this course are really very good. Perfect for the lay person to obtain core knowledge of their Dry Eye Disease.


I would like to say how splendid the videos are, so much work has gone into them, they are fabulous and will be a great help to people.

Amazing content!

Colin has put together some amazing content in these videos, they will provide a great source of information for anyone affected by dry eye disease.

Mandy Davidson
Optometrist with a special interest in managing Dry Eye Disease


What can I say! So simply explained, very powerful message!

Subhash Suthar
Development manager International Glaucoma Association

Time pressured?

I think the videos would provide a really useful resource for busy Optometrists in normal clinics where they are time pressured.

Mandy Davidson