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  • The BIGGEST problem for people with Dry Eye Disease is that they do not feel they have enough time with their Eye Care Specialist for a full explanation of their condition.
  • The BIGGEST problem for Eye Care Specialists is that Dry Eye Disease is a complex grouping of a number of diseases that you can’t cover with a patient in one visit!
  • How much information can you share, and how much can anyone retain during a consultation? 

Hi, I'm Dr Colin Parsloe. I consider myself a professional patient in that I live with Dry Eye Disease and work as an Ophthalmologist.

I'm passionate about Dry Eye Disease!

Especially the mild to moderate cases out in community.

We have an simple but brilliant Solution: One that can give you extra income just for Doing the Right thing!

I hate the generic dry eye disease pamphlet! 

Not everything applies to every patient.

Not all Dry Eye Disease patients are the same.

Dry Eye Disease is an umbrella term for a number of conditions divided into aqueous deficient and evaporative Dry Eye Disease.

In my focus on the mild to moderate community based Dry Eye Disease.

I have distilled many years of research, teaching eye care specialists and educating my own dry eye patients into 3 informative patient hand-outs.

Maintaining patient handouts needs to be a continuous activity, this is in order to remain in-step with the great advances in our understanding of Dry Eye Disease. 

Your patients read the Internet - Don't be embarrassed by giving outdated advice!

Dry Eye Disease is an Umbrella term...

Dry eye disease is made up of a number of conditions divided into two main categories:

  1. Aqueous deficient Dry Eye Disease and 
  2. Evaporative Dry Eye Disease

By far the most common cause of Dry Eye Disease are the Evaporative conditions.

I have been working in this field for many years and was a co-author of the TFOS DEWS II report. I have co-authored Dry Eye Disease training courses for companies such as Johnson & Johnson. Recently I developed the Dry Eye Course run by the Alcon Academy and was the lead on the DOCET training run by the College of Optometrists. 

Mild to moderate Dry Eye Disease in the community: Watch out for the classic signs of Meibomian Gland Disease ​

and Anterior Blepharitis. 

Posterior Blepharitis or Meibomian Gland disease was found in around 80% of cases. It, along with Anterior Blepharitis make up the bulk of the causes of mild to moderate Dry Eye Disease you will come across.

We have all been there: Busy day, patient says their eye is gritty, you see debris on the lashes and a dry cornea...

How much time are you going to be allowed to set aside to manage this case? Are you going to explain what the normal fauna and flora of the eye lashes are? Then to express how Lipase is released from the bacteria destroying the lipid layer, resulting in excess evaporation and the Vicious Circle with activation of corneal dendrites? 

Are you going to cover the why and how of lubricant options? (Watery drops/ gels / lipid drops / ointments) what about medicated drops?

Are you then going to go through all the various Anterior Blepharitis wipes, (Preserved/ Preservative free/ Leave on wash off/ Concentrated cleaning action to 'Free From Everything') What about bottles of cleansers/ compliance packs. Not to mention the eyelid sprays and topical antibiotics... 

Let us do all of that for you and pay you for the privilege - we are serious about Dry Eye Disease and our dream is to Empower your patients to best manage their own disease.

We have not focused on the Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye Disease patients. These are the patients with conditions such as Sjogens Syndrome.

They are relatively less common in the mild to moderate cases.

They tend to be more severe and related with underlying conditions such as Scleroderma, Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. They are therefore more likely to already be integrated with the hospital and specialist care.

Evaporative Dry Eye Disease

As mentioned, our focus is on the mild to moderate, community based Dry Eye Disease patients. 

I have distilled many years of research, teaching eye care specialists and educating my own dry eye patients into 3 compact patient information hand-outs.

They do promote the full 2 hour online course for patients that we have had great success with.  

Anterior Blepharitis due to Bacterial or Fungal infection

Anterior Blepharitis due to Demodex (Parasitic) infestation

Posterior Blepharitis / Meibomian Gland Disease

The concept is that you download, save, print and hand-out the pamphlets to your patients...

The same scenario as before - you spot the Debris and the dry cornea...

You reach over to a drawer, write the name of your favorite lubricant and eyelid wipe into the open section on the hand-out. 

Give it to the patient saying - "Use these, read the pamphlet and we can look at this next visit".  

Job Done!

What you patient gets...

Concise information - high level overview of the condition and treatment options. 

They get a 10% discount coupon for a 2 hour long course in dry eye disease, written and presented in a fashion understandable for the general public, that covers:

  • Normal Anatomy
  • Terminology
  • Pathology of Dry Eye Disease
  • Acute vs chronic changes in Dry Eye Disease
  • Mental health impact of dry eye disease
  • Detailed explanation of how to select a lubricant
  • Medical devices for Anterior Blepharitis
  • Medical Devices for Posterior Blepharitis
  • Information on Medication that can be prescribed for Dry Eye Disease
  • An introduction into advanced diagnostic and therapeutic options for Dry Eye Disease

How can your patient get all of this and you GET PAID for it?


How do I join and get ALL 3 Of the PDF's - The Roadmap

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  3.  You print off a few and get to Empowering your patients!

These can be used no matter where you work.

Once printed , we have a section where you can enter any treatment advice including specific Lubricants, or medical devices that you are recommending.

Your patients get a 10% off coupon if they register at for the Full Essential Dry Eye Training program. They are under no obligation.

In return 10% of their payment will be allocated to you.

This payment will be made annually on the 1st of December.

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    Great information for your patient with your treatment advice included: Distilled advice from years of experience, exactly for the specific disease that they are suffering from.
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    Time saving for you: no need for any detailed explanation. the document does the talking for you. If they would like more information it takes them to the website. 

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Sajjad Ahmad Cornea, External Consultant Ophthalmologist with special interest in Eye Diseases, Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

Obtain core knowledge

The videos for this course are really very good. Perfect for the lay person to obtain core knowledge of their Dry Eye Disease.

Mandy Davidson Optometrist with a special interest in managing Dry Eye Disease

Amazing content!

Colin has put together some amazing content in these videos, they will provide a great source of information for anyone affected by dry eye disease.

Mandy Davidson Optometrist

Time pressured?

I think the videos would provide a really useful resource for busy Optometrists in normal clinics where they are time pressured.

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