Are your patients doing it right? See how daily eyelid hygiene can be performed!

Watch routine eyelid hygiene in action !

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Be Empowered - Take control of Dry eye Disease

Are you fed up with being overwhelmed by the advice you need to give?

Tired of not really knowing exactly how you  should be advising eyelid hygiene can be performed?

You have not had to do this yourself yet you are expected to advise on the best method for your patients. Do you just have to make it up as you go along?

The good news is: we take Empowering you, to best advise on Dry Eye Disease, VERY SERIOUSLY.


So get this 'insider knowledge' of exactly how to perform eyelid hygiene now. 

Watch this free extract of chapter 8 of our Essential dry eye course and see a method to perform good Eyelid Hygiene. 

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