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A key step to empowering you to best manage your dry eye disease is to have a broad understanding of what dry eye disease is and how to best manage it. You will leave this course with a greater understanding and will be equipped to better manage your dry eye disease.

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Course Structure

Introduction 1 Lesson

Chapter 1 3 Lessons

Chapter 1 What is Normal?

Quick video covering the core knowledge of the normal eyelids.

The next chapters will build on this knowledge so please do watch this 3 minute video!

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Chapter 1 What is normal?

In this Chapter we covered the following:

A normal tear film is made up of two layers.

We discussed where the oil and the watery components of the tear film come from and where tears drain to. 

We discussed the eyelids and how that a normal population of bacteria are needed to have healthy eyelids.

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Complete this fun Quiz

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Chapter 2 4 Lessons

Chapter 2 - Terms used in Dry Eye Disease

We will look at different terms used in Dry Eye Disease.

This is an important step in Empowering you to understand your condition. Also it will allow you to speak with your eye care specialist in the same language.

Chapter 2 – Terms used in dry eye disease

In this video we covered:

  • Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society DEWS II report
  • The difference between Dry Eye Disease and Ocular Surface Inflammatory Diseases
  • Terms NOT to use such as Dry Eye SYNDROME and Kerato-Conjunctivitis Sicca
  • Dry Eye Disease as an umbrella term with sub-diseases


We introduced the following terms:

  • Kerato... - cornea
  • Bleph... - eyelids
  • Inflammation - ...itis
  • Infection - ...itis
  • Anterior Blepharitis
  • Posterior Blepharitis
  • Meibomian Gland Disease
  • Demodex
  • Primary and Secondary Sjögrens


Regarding treatment we looked at the difference between Generic and Branded products


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Chapter 3 2 Lessons

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Chapter 4 2 Lessons

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Chapter 5 3 Lessons

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Chapter 6 2 Lessons

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Chapter 9 2 Lessons