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Too many voices telling you different things. We give you reliable evidence-based information in easy to understand terms

Dr Colin Parsloe works as an Ophthalmologist and lives with Dry Eye Disease. He has been researching and teaching about this disease since 2006. Every day he shares his knowledge with his dry eye patients. 

"Great speaker, great layout of the subject which made it memorable"

"Fantastic and informative talk" 100% optical International optometry conference 

Access the world leading course on dry eye disease specifically developed for people suffering from Dry Eye Disease and for those looking after people with Dry Eye Disease.

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This is for you if...

If you suffer from Dry Eye Disease we are here for you. Our membership is open to all who live with Dry Eye Disease (it will be especially helpful if you are new on your dry eye journey.)

Those of us with mild to moderate dry eye disease often get neglected or we feel that we do not want to 'bother' an eye care specialist with a minor condition. We are here for you!

In our course you will learn that getting the wrong diagnosis or neglecting dry eye disease in the early or mild stages can leave you with life-long changes to your eyes. 

We are not very involved with the most severe dry eye disease cases but we can support you and we are embarking on developing an advanced dry eye disease course. 

  • This is for you, if you feel that eye care specialists do not have enough time for you?
  • If no-one has sat you down and explained WHY you have dry eye disease
  • If you feel uncomfortable but not yet too worried
  • If you are overwhelmed looking at a chemists shelf full of eyedrops
  • If you feel that your dry eye disease is a big thing even if no-one else seems to think it is a big thing
  • If you feel that you are being tipped over the edge emotionally and that it is dominating your life
  • If you feel that you have tried everything out there and you do not know where to go next?

What you will get from Champion Membership!

Most importantly you will access the
Essential Dry Eye course!

However there is more...

Which? type reviews

Our dream is to share real life experiences with dry eye medical devices and tools. We hope that you would get involved in performing some reviews.

The detailed results will ONLY be available to Champion members. 


2 monthly, practical webinars answering questions from our Champion members. They get priority access and free entry to these informative Webinars that go more in-depth into your specific concerns.

This includes access to all the previous Webinar content.

Q& A sessions with

Dr Parsloe

We want a thriving community to have insider knowledge and to save you time, money and frustration.

Dr Colin Parsloe has lived with, taught on, advises his patients daily, is active on numerous Facebook groups supports a variety of charities. He has answered virtually every question there is to ask

The key  benefit from

Champion Membership! 

The Essential Dry Eye course!

Full explanation

From the normal anatomy to introducing advanced diagnosis and management options. We demystify the terminology in a useful way helping you to understand your eye care specialist.

Truths about the life impact

Through years of experience of living with and treating people with dry eye disease, you will get realistic information around management and the effect it has on your quality of life 

One voice

No confusing or conflicting opinions. A voice of authority from a specialist dedicated to learning, living and teaching patients and other specialists about Dry Eye Disease 

Be taken seriously

We take Dry Eye Disease and your personal journey with it very seriously. We respect it is different for each person and you will get content that you can use in your personal circumstances.


We have included practical videos of us using the different eye drop bottles, wipes and gels that are available. One video attempts to show what a good eyelid hygiene routine should look like, including how to massage the eyelids correctly.

Not fragmented

Usually you get small fragments of advice but not the whole picture. After this course you will have a good essential knowledge of the whole picture of Dry Eye Disease

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You get access to our Essential Dry Eye Course

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You also get all the detailed product feedback from our Which? type real life surveys.

Q&A sessions directly with Dr Colin Parsloe 

Join us and  make a difference to your life!

Sajjad Ahmad Cornea, External Consultant Ophthalmologist with special interest in Eye Diseases, Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

Obtain core knowledge

The videos for this course are really very good. Perfect for the lay person to obtain core knowledge of their Dry Eye Disease.

Mandy Davidson Optometrist

Time pressured?

I think the videos would provide a really useful resource for busy Optometrists in normal clinics where they are time pressured.

Mandy Davidson Optometrist with a special interest in managing Dry Eye Disease

Amazing content!

Colin has put together some amazing content in these videos, they will provide a great source of information for anyone affected by dry eye disease.


I would like to say how splendid the videos are, so much work has gone into them, they are fabulous and will be a great help to people.

What is in the course?

Chapter 1. The normal anatomy of the eyelid and the tears. This helps you understand how the diseases that cause Dry Eye Disease actually affect your eyes. Knowing this you will understand how and why certain treatment is advised.

Chapter 2. This is to give you a basic grasp of the terminology. We have tried our utmost to ensure that everyone can do this course and we have cut out as much of the medical jargon as possible. However understanding some terms is beneficial and we explain these in the course.

Chapters 3 and 4. These look at the main underlying diseases. We explain what they are and how they cause your symptoms. Then we look at what the long-term damage looks like when you are not diagnosed early or if your treatment has not been effective.

Chapter 5. We tackle the effect that Dry Eye Disease has on your emotional and mental health. This is often neglected by eye care specialists - we do not shy away from addressing it in this course.

Chapters 6-9. This covers management options from selecting the best lubricant for you, through punctal plugs, a variety of methods to clean the eyelashes (what to do and what NOT to do), methods to heat and massage the lashes including videos of products and Dr Parsloe performing the actions.

Chapter 10. As this is an 'Essential' course, we do not go into great detail but we do aim to give you some hope discussing some of what more advances options are still available.

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Be Empowered to manage your own disease

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We are positive that you will benefit and we value any feedback. 

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