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Welcome to MyDryEye. I’m Colin. Together, we are going to ensure that you have all that you need to be amazing in dry eye disease care and – yes – this will neither significantly increase the time nor your costs that you need to spend on these wonderful patients

If this is your first time here, let’s get started on the right footing..

Step 1: Nice to Meet You

Hi, I'm Colin Parsloe, I founded MyDryEye, currently I am full time employed in the NHS and I am doing all the work here, with a little help from some friends. However most of the time, you'll be hearing directly from me.

I am passionate about Dry Eye Disease - My Kids (I have 3) call me Dr Dry Eye! The random photos above are from some places where I have attended or lectured. Email me if you are interested in a list of upcoming events. 

I believe that with a little learning and a strategic assessment of an eye in a busy clinic you can manage the vast majority of mild to moderate cases of dry eye disease. I am a family man and love to travel. To learn more about me click here to read the about page.

Step 2: Lets get connected

Sure, like a lot of professional people, I am on LinkedIn and you can also find me on Facebook. Feel free to connect if you like. But...

Step 3 : Lets see how I can best assist you

Alright, my new friend. Now that we're connected, let's see how I can best help. I've been at this a long time, so I have a lot to share with you.

You can gain insights by:

Downloading some free content

Secondly you can gain insights from the greatest minds in dry eye disease by joining our Free Eye Care Specialist Membership and accessing amazing video interviews with key opinion leaders from around the world. This includes optometrists, ophthalmologists professors working with futuristic ideas to people directly at the coalface.

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Step 4 : Do the training

We all deal with dry eye disease every day - like it or not you will see these patients. We all have already developed some method to manage these cases. There is a lot of training out there. (I have authored and co-authored courses for Alcon and Johnson and Johnson amongst others).

Through living with the disease I have personal experience and a patients perspective.

Since researching it starting in 2006 and being a co-author of TFOS DEWS II report, I understand in detail, the scientific background of the disease. 

Through more than a decade experience in lecturing on the subject nationally and internationally, at some of the most influential optometric and ophthalmology conferences, I know how to teach dry eye disease.

Through working as a general Ophthalmologist in very busy NHS clinics, seeing dry eye disease patients in my Glaucoma, Diabetic, Paediatric, Oculoplastic, Medical retina and other sub-specialities, I have developed a pragmatic approach to assess and manage the disease without significantly increasing my clinic time. 

I do not think that we all need a PHD in dry eye disease management. However we all need a small increment in our understanding and a clear pragmatic approach to manage our mild and moderate dry eye patients. 

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