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Pre-register for Core dry eye disease course

We are in the process of finalising the training

You will be issued with a certificate and we will be applying for CET and CPD points for this training. 

A course that’s will take you from where you are today through the journey to becoming confident in rapidly assessing and managing various forms of Dry Eye Disease. My course is planned to be 6 x 20 minute videos with actual patients as well as detailed PDF instructions and a step by step roadmap for you to follow. My solution can be implemented with virtually no significant additional cost or time  within your current clinical practice.

There will be a fee to complete this course and this is still to be finalised

By registering interest now, you will have exclusive access to the training before we open it to other eye care specialists. You will be given a 10% discount on the course fee and a limited edition certificate. 

By registering your interest you will have no obligation to going ahead with the course and you will still get access to all the great content on our site.