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We are slowly adding to this collection.

Free Patient Handout - Demodex related Anterior Blepharitis Disease Specific Patient information sheets

We HATE generic Dry Eye Disease Patient Handouts. We have scientifically based, tried and tested Patient Handouts that we maintain for you as knowledge grows. Join as an Affiliate member and download all our Disease specific handouts. We independent of any product and do not compete against your services or product offerings. 

This is a brief summary of the condition as well as a report on the options available including cost per wipe, preservatives in the products and much more...

We all get freaked out by the concept of parasites living on our eyelashes. In this Blog we take a brief review of some of the key facts and have a PDF summary of some of the products available including costs and other key decision making facts. 

The Emotional effects of Dry Eye Disease life

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Do not remain outdated - move with the times and use the correct terminology as advised by the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society (TFOS)

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Fantastic and informative talk

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Good presentation, particularly on identifying the different types of Blepharitis and how that affects treatments.

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I was inspired by your passion and enthusiasm for dry eye care when I carried out the Docet CET modules.

Dry eye in some form is by far the leading symptom patients complain of day to day in practice and being able to spend that extra bit of time and care in educating and treating this condition makes such an impact to their lives.

So thanks for an engaging CET content.

Emma Langley Optometrist

Great speaker, great layout of the subject which made it memorable

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My dream is to empower patients to best manage their own disease - this is through good high quality scientific advice and teaching. But also through getting us all to help medical device and Pharmaceutical companies to develop tools for us that work in the real world. Dr Colin Parsloe

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